The Stochastic Integration Modeling Toolbox has been written by J. Ditterich and provides MATLAB functions for evaluating drift-diffusion and related sequential sampling models.


The link below provides the download for the current version 2.8, released on 2019-10-21.

Stochastic Integration Modeling Toolbox 2.8 (ZIP archive)


The toolbox has been used in the following publications:

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Ditterich J (2006) Stochastic models of decisions about motion direction: Behavior and physiology. Neural Netw 19:981-1012

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Ditterich J (2010) A comparison between mechanisms of multi-alternative perceptual decision making: ability to explain human behavior, predictions for neurophysiology, and relationship with decision theory. Front Neurosci 4:184

Perugini A, Ditterich J, Basso MA (2016) Patients with Parkinson's Disease Show Impaired Use of Priors in Conditions of Sensory Uncertainty. Curr Biol 26:1902-1910


Last modification: 2019-10-21